Olin combines noble materials, a special quality glass with exceptional hardware, from the German companies Bohle or Hawa, a design that does not go out of style, with careful processing.

Here the design is in the right place. One of the great advantages offered by glass furniture is transparency. No other material is so malleable. aesthetic like glass, as discreet as it is.

The exceptional design and special appearance stand out very well in the case of glass furniture. Either symmetrical and of regular shape or asymmetrical curved shapes and with different color games, the living spaces do not seem overloaded or too crowded. Glass is ideal for creating particularly aesthetic furniture and combines the aesthetic with the functional.

This furniture offers you countless possibilities, such as combining it with porcelain objects, which seem to float in a glass display case, giving a sense of order and freedom.

The Olin Mob glass furniture pieces are true art objects that enrich any home, they harmoniously merge the most different styles revealing in the true sense of the word what is hidden in them.

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Insulating glazing

The variety of OLIN double and triple insulating windows, which our customers are used to, is very diverse. The quality of each product is in accordance with SR EN 1279.

Glass fittings

We are all aware of the way light can transform a public or living space. More intense or more diffuse, colder or warmer, light plays such an important role for our comfort.

Other applications

Olin makes glass furniture, glass art objects, fire-resistant glass and bullet-proof glass.