Olin Allglass offers builders and architects multiple constructive possibilities: doors, walls or side elements that can be executed in an almost unlimited variety, regarding colors, shape and type of material.

The road to freedom is open. Glass doors create boundaries but without having to feel isolated. They are used efficiently in the case of small rooms or for partitioning rooms that do not have satisfactory light sources.

Disturbing noises and unwanted diversion of attention are avoided. Glass doors are particularly easy to maintain and have a long service life. In addition, with this solution, brightness is gained, which is an important factor for our health and development. Glass doors offer multiple constructive and aesthetic options - they can be printed with different designs, they can be sandblasted or finished, beveled and polished, thus providing the optimal surface for your creative ideas.

Sliding glass doors additionally save space. Of course, executions of special sizes and models are also possible. Regardless of whether it is hinged, revolving, fully glass, sliding doors - which save you space -, with side elements or without, with overhead light, for terraces or balconies, the installation takes place without the need for a substantial intervention, worthy of mentioned, being able to qualify it even insignificant, as regards the modification of the construction.

Glass doors can be further ennobled by using hardware from renowned companies Bohle and Hawa. For Olin, your wishes and projects come first, and we only ask you to communicate them to us in order to realize them together.

For additional information or to discuss your project, please contact us!

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Insulating glazing

The variety of OLIN double and triple insulating windows, which our customers are used to, is very diverse. The quality of each product is in accordance with SR EN 1279.

Glass fittings

We are all aware of the way light can transform a public or living space. More intense or more diffuse, colder or warmer, light plays such an important role for our comfort.

Other applications

Olin makes glass furniture, glass art objects, fire-resistant glass and bullet-proof glass.