Thanks to laminated safety glass, the main element in terms of safety, living under the "open sky" can now become a reality. We need sun and light.

Through canopies and glass roofs you can satisfy both desires. Warm rays can now penetrate from all sides into closed and weather-protected areas, illuminating and heating them.

This results in a unique aesthetic that beautifies all objects both inside and outside. For this reason, architecture can no longer be conceived without glass. The material from which both the awnings and the glass roofs are made must withstand the elements of nature, be they wind, snow or other climatic influences.

Olin glass lasts. By applying modern protection layers, anti-moulding, it is also easy to maintain. With the help of a robust glass roof you can create and expand your living space. There are many possibilities.

A terrace covered with glass allows you to stay in that space in any weather conditions, without robbing you of the feeling of freedom and naturalness that is stolen from you by the rigid, opaque walls. If this option is also combined with glass side walls, on a stable structure, total protection against the penetration of wind or bad weather is ensured on the terrace. Through the use of colored or structural glass, the space can be given privacy from outside views, at the same time with an added aesthetic.

A glass awning is generally a construction that hangs or is supported by wooden or stainless steel elements, at the entrance, to protect you and your visitors from rain and other weather conditions. While the visitors are waiting at the door they can admire the inspiration you had by opting for this type of roof.

At Olin you will receive detailed information regarding the multiple possibilities and types of glass for roofs. It gives us great pleasure to design and execute the necessary arrangements for you to live comfortably under the "open sky".

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Insulating glazing

The variety of OLIN double and triple insulating windows, which our customers are used to, is very diverse. The quality of each product is in accordance with SR EN 1279.

Glass fittings

We are all aware of the way light can transform a public or living space. More intense or more diffuse, colder or warmer, light plays such an important role for our comfort.

Other applications

Olin makes glass furniture, glass art objects, fire-resistant glass and bullet-proof glass.