Architectural design and safety in a guaranteed harmony you can discover through Olin Lami balustrades.

The railings are built for the safety of you and your family. In many other cases, however, for the sake of safety, aesthetic appearance and an attractive design are not taken into account.

Often the railings have the appearance of simple fences or protective screens and negatively influence the appearance of a free space.

This is where the advantage of the glass balustrade comes into play. Safety laminated glass can be used, by gluing or by fixing with clamping bushings, to create impressive elements of interior architecture. Computerized design and execution, allowing to obtain exact dimensions of railings, profiles and supports. Safety is guaranteed thanks to the lamination with highly elastic and tear-resistant foil in parallel with preserving the ambient architectural effect of your building.

In the case of glass for balustrades, it can be handled with multiple constructive elements such as transparency, color, shape, structure and finish, as well as the combination with various other materials. However, your safety is the most important.

With parapets and balustrades from Olin you will not only feel safe, but you can also enjoy the perfect aesthetics offered by the variety of glass modeling possibilities. Glass balustrades are without question, in compliance with safety standards, and through our competent advice you will be able to realize your desired construction project, the most suitable one.

The system can be adapted to any constructive situation individually and with very little labor effort, it can be easily integrated into the construction. Olin Lami balustrades can be made in multiple constructive variants. They convince with their modular construction and are compatible with any type of support structure.

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Insulating glazing

The variety of OLIN double and triple insulating windows, which our customers are used to, is very diverse. The quality of each product is in accordance with SR EN 1279.

Glass fittings

We are all aware of the way light can transform a public or living space. More intense or more diffuse, colder or warmer, light plays such an important role for our comfort.

Other applications

Olin makes glass furniture, glass art objects, fire-resistant glass and bullet-proof glass.