OLIN and EFDEN collaboration
Our collaboration with OLIN meant the care for development as well as promoting the solutions which will form our future. The decrease of the energy consumption and raw material as well as the impact on the global warming are the values that we support together.

Olin - Silver Partner
We bring together sustainability and energetic efficiency in the Romanians homes.
The EFDEN Fundament
Olin understood the EFDEN mission and together we built a prototype which meets the highest standards. The collaboration with Olin meant care for development as well as the solutions that would form our future. Reducing energy consumption and raw material as well as the impact on global warming are the values that we support together.
Olin brought a big plus regarding the energetic efficiency and prototype sustainability. Olin made the using of several laminated glass types possible, under multiple geometric forms, which offer both security as well as phonic and thermal protection.

The outside of the building is made out of double-glazed glass, S-E oriented in order to obtain the maximum of solar heat. The rest of the insulating glass surfaces have a Low-e film, are made out of triple-glazed glass and are filled with argon gas. The insulating glass surfaces dimensions vary, Olin helped us with the processing of the desired shapes. 
The total double – glazed surface is 33 square meters while the total triple – glazed glass is 44, 86 square meters.
Our vision about Olin
We thank Olin Romania for the all support to EFden in participation to Solar Decathlon Europe 2014.
Our sincerely appreciation turns to all Olin personnel; they had a direct involvement into the EFdeN project development. We thank to all the employees for the counseling in choosing the products suitable for us, for their promptitude in fulfilling our needs as well as for the whole granted time.
We are looking forward to develop together the sustainability domain on the Romanian market!

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